We have tried everything , 2005

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This work by BEN is not limited to a simple transcription of titles of programs, but it also operates as an artistic reflection on the nature of society and popular culture at that time. By incorporating these media titles into her work, the artist invites the viewer to question the scope and influence of the media in the construction of our collective understanding.

The intentional selection of titles from famous TV shows also suggests an exploration of media saturation and the infinite variety of content to which society is exposed. We have tried everything" thus becomes an artistic statement that, while using media language, raises deeper questions about the nature of human experience in a highly mediated world.

By presenting these fragments of popular media in artistic form, Ben creates a space where art and popular culture meet, encouraging the viewer to reflect on how the media shapes our understanding of the world and influences our perception of reality. Thus, this series of writings becomes an invitation to question, to think critically and to examine more closely the elements that make up the fabric of our daily media.