La philosophie floue, Une approche , 2015

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“Trialing, the founding stage of fuzzy philosophy, is approached with reluctance by other philosophies, even though it most certainly represents the first thing that man did.
Reconciliation is the second thing that man has had to do since it represents the primordial interest of existence, whether it is the physical rapprochement of bodies or the intellectual rapprochement.
Turning away is the third thing man has done, after the first two have been accomplished.
He has, for example, uprooted flowers to turn them into gifts. »

It is with a deep respect for logic that Miller Levy, after having followed the education of the second degree, applies to preserve this "second degree".
Throughout his plastic and theoretical achievements, he puts into practice a certain taste for puns. His sense of economy of means then pushes him to invest in the purchase and exchange of "securities".

Preface by Etienne Klein

192 color pages
Size: 15 x 21 cm
Supple cover
Language: french
Publication: 2015
Publisher: Presses Universitaires de France (puf)
ISBN: 978-2-13-063518-5