La différence , 2016

27.70 10.91  x 29.70 11.69  x 3.60 cm 1.42 inch

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The artist Aurele (born in 1963) is known for a certain power of affirmation. One word could undoubtedly define his relationship to the world that animates his work as well as his life: action. Aurele's work takes on the appearance of a struggle: as much a struggle for art as a struggle for life.

Aurelius is an enraged and committed artist who has created a work that conveys a message of urgency and resistance to the scourges of an era, of which the lost dog is the symbol. For more than twenty-five years, Aurele has been developing the same radical project of transmitting modern wanderings.
His goal: to mobilize present and future generations in the face of wars, epidemics, ecological disasters, political and media excesses, precariousness and exclusion, inequalities, and the problem of over-consumption. In Aurelian's world, art confronts reality and thus becomes a true "mirror of modernity".

386 color pages
Size: 27.7 x 29.7 x 3.6 cm
Cover: hard, with cardboard box
Language: english
Publication: October 2016
Publisher: ‎ Éditions de La Différence.
ISBN: 972-2-7291-2304-8