Denise A. Aubertin, L'irréductible , 2017

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“I started carving books. I rubbed open books on the muddy balcony, let them spend the night in the rain and in the wind, I made them stay in the kitchen, very close to the stove, so that they were sprayed with grease, then, by- above the pages stained with “symbolic filth”, I wrote my diary, using images that I appropriated. Soon I had to find the solution in a very personal way. "

Denise A. Aubertin

Text: Anne Tronche
128 pages
Size: 21 x 26.5 x 1.2 cm
Soft cover
Language: french
Issue: October 2017
Publisher: Les éditions de l'œil
ISBN: 978-2-351-37238-8