Dehors la tempête (Outside the storm) , 2020

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Clémentine Mélois's most personal book. It all starts with reading. “First, I open the book wide and stick my nose in the middle of the pages to breathe them in. "This is to better soak up his favorite authors, G. Simenon, G. Perec, Tolkien, from what may seem the most insignificant about them: the details. Why, entering a Maigret, the sentences "- Hello January. - Hello, boss "means that we are already in history, and the warmth of an office heated by a stove on the Quai des Orfèvres? What is the relationship between the characters' daily lives (a certain madeleine eaten in In Search of Lost Time) and ours (the marbled plastic cake from the gas station of our childhood)?
By going back and forth between the life of the characters and his own, Clémentine Mélois brings us as close as possible to this both personal and universal experience, reading. The memories and feelings of fictions become ours. As if, coming from our small world, we had entered a larger and yet so familiar country. While the storms blow outside, we live in the books. Tender and humorous, Out, the Storm reminds us that life in books is the tastiest of all.

192 pages
Cover: soft cover, glued spine and headband
Language: French
Publication date: February 2020
Publisher: éditions Grasset
ISBN: 978-2-2468-1597