Can we think of nothing? , 2019

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The philosophical question "Can we think of nothing?" inspired the artist Ben Vautier to create a striking work during his solo exhibition entitled "What is the question" at the Lara Vincy gallery in 2019. Around this captivating theme, Vautier has given life to a series of interrogative writings, each bearing in itself a profound reflection on the nature of thought and existence.

The work in question, representative of this conceptual exploration, was an integral part of an immersive installation. This installation included various visual and symbolic elements, among which stood out a bed placed on four piles of Artpress magazine. Each component of this installation seemed to contribute to an atmosphere of questioning and contemplation, inviting the viewer to explore the boundaries of thought and emptiness.

Thus, through his work, Ben Vautier does not just ask the question "Can we think of anything?" , but it creates an artistic space that encourages the public to immerse themselves in a deep reflection on the nature of thought, perception and human existence. The bold combination of elements such as a bed and stacks of magazines underscores the multidimensionality of the human experience, inviting everyone to explore the limits of their own introspection. In short, this artistic installation becomes a point of convergence where art and philosophy meet to stimulate the mind and awaken curiosity.