Re-mix épidémik - Esthétique de la dispersion , 2012

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Joël Hubaut's primer.
« Compressed and imprecise micro-alphabet of savoir-vivre for the use of the younger generations of art schools in particular and for anyone in general.
It is a sound poem of jerks and alliterations, an emancipated poetic wandering in the aphorismic puddle of experiences of contemporary creations and whose concrete material is composed of series of authors' names accumulated in single file and listed, sequenced non-exhaustively in bulk according to moods of non-coincidence, thus constituting a small inventory, a psycho-manual of minimum assistance for art students, but also a stimulating reminder for the starting of a basic general culture in the context of creativity of the 21st century, this, like a random and potential stack, enumerated and intended for all...”
Joel Hubaut
This book is based on a text written in 2007 and enhanced in 2010.

Born in Amiens in 1947, Joël Hubaut lives and works in Réville in the Manche department in Normandy.

"Epidemic in everything and everywhere, Joël Hubaut is a figure and an eccentric force in the landscape of contemporary art in France: off limits, irregular, at the crossroads of fields (draughtsman, painter, videographer, singer, writer, organizer of events, teacher). It is a proliferating company that has been zigzagging in France for more than thirty years. If art is Action then Hubaut is an actor who constructs exchanges and interactions. Trans-media artist, endowed with a centripetal and centrifugal energy, he is the mobile architect of a trans-historical chaotic. A living work in permanent gestation, Hubaut has become a company of collective projects, a utopian rebel against all submissions. On the road, with Kerouac and Pélieu, Satie and Duchamp, Picabia and Beuys, Malevitch and Filliou, Pierre Dac and Rabelais, Fourier, Brisset, Artaud and Luca. Burlesque vociferator, carnival trend, Guignol and Pinocchio, earthy and lively. »

Michel Giroud

248 color pages
Size: 23 x 17 cm
Cover: soft with flaps
Language: french / english
Publication: December 2012
Publisher: les presses du réel / FRAC Franche-Comté
ISBN: 978-2-91059-513-5