Spain , 1968/1976

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Spain. Raymond Hains created the portfolio "La Biennale éclatée" in 1976 from seven serigraphs combined. This portfolio was published in Venice in a limited edition of 120 copies by the Elefante gallery. À
these silkscreens, the artist added a work entitled "Venezia Viva", based on a torn poster from 1975.

The origin of this achievement dates back to the period between 1966 and 1968, when in collaboration with his publisher and gallery owner Cesare Misserotti, Hains designed imposing plexiglas panels presented
at the Venice Biennale in 1968. These panels were used to transfer distorted images through fluted glasses of catalogues of certain participating countries to which he ironically added that of China "Cin Cin Cinzano".

Subsequently, the Elefante gallery became an art workshop where the transfer process, initially carried out on plexiglas, has been transposed on paper. This modification of the support has
had the happy effect of bringing work back to paper, the medium and the artwork was designed using the covers of the catalogues of countries such as Great Britain, Spain, the USA, Brazil, Israel, Japan, and of course, China with
"Cin Cin Cinzano". Thus, this complex artistic project illustrates the reflection of Hains on perception, distortion and irony, all exploring creative possibilities through different medi