Gold Leaves on Pavement , après 1968

10.00 3.94  x 11.00 4.33  x 10.00 cm 3.94 inch

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Gold Leaves on Pavement. Esther Ferrer, a pioneer of performance art, has been developing a rich artistic corpus since the early 1970s, centered on installations and objects imbued with a singular creativity. One of her distinctive approaches lies in the diversion of cobblestones, raw and urban material, which she transforms with disconcerting inventiveness. Among his achievements, these metamorphosed pavers take unexpected forms such as dice or suitcases, while others are sublimated by layers of gold leaves.
By reimagining these everyday elements, Esther Ferrer transcends their original function to create pieces that exude unique visual poetry. The use of pavers as canvas for his artistic expression underlines the contrast between the roughness of the raw material and the delicacy of the transformations made by the artist. These resulting works embody a bold fusion between the simplicity of found materials and the complexity of artistic ideas.
Esther Ferrer, through her artistic diversions, explores not only the nature of everyday objects, but also how these objects can be reinterpreted to narrate a new story. Thus, his work reveals an avant-garde artistic approach that transcends conventions, provoking reflection on the relationship between the artist, the object and the spectator.