Euro-portrait (Self-portrait), "The book of heads". , 2002/2004

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This work is part of the series "The book of heads".

Esther Ferrer, an engaged artist, has devoted much of her work to challenging beauty stereotypes and opposing the traditional representation of women in art history and history in general. Her artistic exploration focuses on the representation of her own body, seeking to transcend the norms imposed by society. She undertook this quest using it as raw material and means of expression, considering its different parts as powerful symbols.

She chose to represent an everyday body, a body that works, far from the inaccessible ideals often promoted by society. For her, it was the appropriate solution to convey her message in an authentic way. She used her face, sex, hands, and feet as necessary elements to convey her ideas, stressing that it might as well have been the face, sex, or hands of another.

Her photographic work emphasizes the physical presence of the body, making numerous self-portraits and challenging the traditional perception of art and highlighting a more realistic and inclusive representation of humanity. By choosing to work with her body, she brought a very personal and authentic dimension to her artistic exploration.