questions & réponses , 2021

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On February 14, 2020, at the auditorium of the Jean Gagnant Cultural Center in Limoges, the Ortanz association and the Last Telegram Editions invited Esther Ferrer to perform. You will find in this book the transcription of this performance which is entitled Questions and Answers or Questions with Answers. You can also read the afterword by Richard Martel and an introduction by Esther Ferrer herself. You will still find the cd of the recording of this performance. (In a box E. Ferrer has been collecting questions for several years that she asks herself or that she has found interesting. She draws questions at random. She must answer the questions. For each question, the answer stops at the after one minute. The audience can ask questions. The audience can also answer questions, always within one minute. The performance lasts for thirty questions. . That way you know what it's all about and if it bothers you, just walk out. Or stay. But hey, your choice. So, I prepared a lot of questions. The performance I'm going to do is called: Questions with Answers. Because I have performances where there are no answers, where there are only questions. And others where there are only answers and no questions. This one has both: questions and answers. You're in luck. (beginning of transcript)

48 black and white pages
+ 1 audio CD with recording of the performance by Philippe Darcy
Size: 19 x 14 cm
Cover: soft with flaps
Language: french
Publication: 2021
Publisher: ‎ Dernier Télégramme
ISBN: 979-10-97146-34-4