Le Fou parle , 2008

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The "phrasinfinite" in Jean-Luc Parant is as driving an element as insomnia in Kafka, schizophrenia in Artaud, epilepsy in Dostoyevsky, paranoia in Burroughs, hysteria in Pessoa, asthma in Proust, phobia in Deleuze. The madness of Jean-Luc Parant is contained in a single sentence which develops into a few simple statements: "We see the world because we do not see our eyes", "animals do not see further than where their bodies can go ", "a man who dies is a vision of the world that disappears", etc. These visionary statements are like so many adventitious roots proliferating from an insane body of sentence, which takes on meaning in the differential repetition (the innumerable scoli), in the movement which animates it and takes it to the end, until to exhaustion. For more than forty years, Jean-Luc Parant has extended this phrase endlessly without seeing the end.

56 black and white pages with color illustrations
Size: 22 x 16cm
Cover: soft with flaps
Language: french
Publication: February 2008
Publisher: ‎ Marcel Le Poney editions / Diffusion Actes Sud
ISBN: 2-916452-04-4